The Mandeville Primary Philosophy

As one of Manchester’s first schools, The Mandeville Primary’s philosophy is unique but simple – to teach and encourage students to become resourceful and compassionate individuals while succeeding in an ever changing environment.

math-compitionTeach and Encourage

Our learning model fosters nurturing, close tutorial relationships between teachers and students. Teachers know each student’s personality, learning style, strengths, weaknesses and academic objectives. This deep understanding between them results in personal attention and a genuine recognition of their accomplishments. Students get the support and monitoring they need, and their input is crucial in setting and achieving academic goals that allow them to distinguish themselves in a way that commands the attention of high learning institutions.

Why Resourcefulness?

One of the primary tenets of Mandeville Primary School is to develop resourcefulness in our students. Ours is a community-based school, emphasizing real-world projects to make the curriculum come alive. While our resource-based model relies on textbooks to provide standard content, students learn to view our community as a primary resource which they use to generate knowledge; coming to their own conclusions while integrating texts with experiences makes learning authentic.


To become compassionate community members, Mandeville Primary School students and teachers participate in community service projects together throughout the year. Compassion is developed in the following ways:

  • Through ecological and humanitarian service by all teachers and students.
  • Through mutual teacher and student performance evaluations daily.
  • In classes where teacher/student relationships are fundamental.
  • Through teaching methodologies which honor individual learning styles, and allowing students to work on that which has individual meaning.
  • By fostering and honoring personal motivation in each student.
  • By creating a positive academic environment where students’ efforts and attitudes help them achieve personal goals.

Vision Statement

Nurturing leadership, creativity, and the arts in a compassionate, primary public school environment.

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